Election Day Is On November 3, 2020

Please show your support. Vote Andrew Kamm for Santa Monica City Council.

Our mission and vision

Our mission and vision is to make Santa Monica a better, and safer place to live.


Homelessness has become an absolute crisis in America and in our city. I believe with innovation and compassion with an all hands-on deck approach; we can make progress.

We must tap into new resources, and create new partnerships. We must attack this problem with creativity and hard work.

Economics and Business

I will support our local businesses. Having a business-friendly environment will ensure increased revenue for Santa Monica.

We must support tourism. We must support our restaurants. We must support entertainment, and encourage people to shop in Santa Monica.


Our most pressing goal is to make Santa Monica safe, from our streets to our parks. I will encourage a community-based police force.

I will support programs that promote diversity in Santa Monica, keeping our rent control laws in place.

Your Support Is Needed

A Word From Andrew Kamm

I love Santa Monica and I want to keep it safe for residents and visitors alike. I also plan to tackle homelessness head on to help get them off the streets in the most caring way. Many businesses in Santa Monica were destroyed by looters. We lost many chain stores, as well as mom and pop shops. We need to bring business back and not let civil unrest define what could be a brighter future. Last but not least, we cannot continue to overdevelop Santa Monica. Let’s do it together.

Volunteer To Help. Request a Lawn Sign.

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