As a Santa Monica resident I am sure that you would agree that we have a beautiful and wonderful community. We have it all. We have amazing beaches and endless entertainment opportunities. And most importantly we have an extremely diverse community with citizens that are not afraid to engage in change or protests, all to better our community. As a council member I will tap into this valuable resource. I will encourage increased civic engagement whenever possible. I will promote a community-based police force. I would like to see more officers on bicycles, and on foot patrol. I support our mounted police. I also believe that it is important for us to re-claim our parks, I am a firm believer that parks are for children and families. I believe that our parks need to be safe and people who frequent them should feel safe. I will encourage and support neighborhood watch. I will support additional dog parks on city property. I am a supporter of rent control in our city for it is a key factor in preserving our diversity.