Andrew Kamm

Andrew Kamm


I was born and raised in Southern California, my parents were life long educators. My father Paul, a graduate of USC taught Community college for over 30 years, and my mother Ester, was an elementary and middle school teacher for well over 30 years. My parents inspired my passion to educate young minds and to give back to a society that has provided me so much in life. I have been a high school teacher in government and economics for nearly 20 years. I’ve been the educational director on the neighborhood council of Westchester, Play Del Rey, and Playa Vista for 12 years. I can no longer sit back. Now is my time to participate. It is my civic responsibility to take what I have taught for years and apply it for the betterment of our city.

As an adult I have lived my entire life in Santa Monica –  well over 25 years. It is a city I truly love and deeply care for with its diverse community of people and its dynamic culture. We have experienced together so many changes in Santa Monica, some good and some not so good, changes for the last several years that have effected our community and our sense of security. For decades as Santa Monica grew, our community has struggled with real solutions for our homeless crisis. It is a crisis that requires thoughtful community leadership and not just rhetoric and platitudes.

As a resident in the Wilmont area of Santa Monica, I have noticed an increase in crime and violence meanwhile community leaders simply talk about it for years with no real results. It pains me to see the lawlessness at times in the community especially after came to a head during this past summer of civil unrest with looting and rioting. For years you could practically leave your doors unlocked at night. Every member of the Santa Monica City Council has a moral responsibility to better the community in which we live in. It is not a job for politicians, but a job for real people that care about the heart and soul of our beautiful city at the beach. I will ask you the same question I asked myself before I put my name on the ballet for city council. Do you think our community leaders four years ago when elected are doing the kind of job you elected them to do? For me the answer is not even close, that is exactly what has is inspired me to run this November.


Andrew Kamm

  • BA in Economics
  • California Secondary Teaching Credential
  • Won the Mayor’s Award for Most Inspirational Teacher
  • Lead Teacher
  • Assistant Golf Coach

Email: aekamm1@gmail.com